We can get hold of almost any bit, if you don't see it in stock give us a call or email and we'll see what we can do to help. We also have a horse bank for Neue Schule bits so you can buy the bit, try it for a month, if you like it we'll order you a brand new one, if you don't we'll refund you your money (less the hire charge).

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  • Bomber Bits

    Bombers has been developing quality equine products for over 30 years. Our focus is on providing innovative solutions to riders' challenging problems, particularly in the area of bitting. Coupling that innovation with handmade quality, attention to detail and testing by world renowned riders, has resulted in world-class horse products ... and not just bits. The results are truly astounding, as insistent users attest!

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  • JHL
    Jhl offer a large range of bits, if you don't see the one your looking for give us a call and we will be happy to find what your looking for
  • Korsteel

    Invented by James Patterson, an Australian Jockey, JP Korsteel bits are curved horse bits. Reducing the nutcracker action and kinder than a conventional horse bit. JP bits lie more sympathetically in the horse’s mouth and give clearer signals.

  • Myler Bits

    Myler is more than just bits; the Myler System is a whole new way of understanding how the bit works in your horse's mouth. Ron, Dale and Bob Myler are third generation horsemen who developed a theory of tongue relief and tongue pressure through training their own horses. Their unique mouthpiece designs and innovative cheekpieces give the rider excellent communication with the horse and allow the horse to relax into the bridle.

  • Neue Schule
    Neue Schule Bits come in a variety of types and sizes. They are all ergonomically designed, using the latest in engineering and CAD technologies, the Neue Schule Range incorporates a unique, warmer, weeter metal. Neue Schule Salox Gold has a high copper content and Neue Schule additives that maximise on warmth and oxidation, promoting salivation, mouthing , acceptance and communication.
  • Shires

    With over 40 years experience, Shires Equestrian is one of the leading names in equestrian equipment for horse and rider.

    We supply pretty much anything for the horse, rider and stable, including rugs, leatherwork, riding clothing, riding hats, footwear, grooming gear, stable equipment…
    the list just goes on and on.

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